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There is nothing more traumatizing than watching fire eating your property away. After the firefighters resolve the disaster, what is left is an unusable place due to soot and flooding. Once they ensure that everything is safe, let our technicians at Quality Restoration Services Inc. provide a rapid response anytime. Entrust everything to our expert services to minimize fire and smoke damage. We will bring back your place to its pre-disaster condition so you can start again.

Reach Us within the Golden Hour

The fire and smoke damage after an incident does not stop after the fire is extinguished. Fire is a chemical activity, so the soot accelerates the damage and corrosion to your property. That is the reason why sturdy houses fall apart once they are exposed to fire. Hence, calling the professionals within 48 hours after the disaster is necessary to minimize the compromise to your place.

Quality Restoration Services Inc. knows that properties will not return to normal without the right fire and smoke restoration. Flooding due to fire extinguishment is equally damaging, leading to mold growths and gaps in hardwood floors and walls. Moreover, the soot and smoke leave a toxic smell that needs to be neutralized and sanitized. We will mitigate and prevent damages caused by fire, as well as make your place available for use again.

Get Your Fire and Smoke Damage Fixed

Fire is a destructive force to residential and commercial establishments. Let our experts perform time-tested techniques and specialized equipment for us to restore your place as soon as possible.

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Fast Response

In any restoration services, a timely response prevents and minimizes damages caused by fire and soot. Any delay in seeking help does not only lead to more cleaning and restoration costs but also too expensive repairs. Call us, and we will be there in your place at any time of the day.

Highly Trained

We have experts that specialize in fire and smoke restoration to your place. We will safely handle any kind of situation that requires an immediate response with our protocols.

Specialized Tools and Equipment

We have specialized equipment that cleans your belongings without inflicting further damage. Quality Restoration Services Inc. understands that you want to salvage everything as much as possible for various reasons. Our restoration first policy also allows you to restart quicker.

Full Remediation Services

We do not end our fire and smoke damage services after cleaning your place. Quality Restoration Services Inc. also sanitizes the unaffected areas as well as your belongings to ensure that no trace of smoke odor and soot remains in your place.

Our Commitment to Quality Restorations

The only way to completely clean the fire and smoke damage is to clean the place thoroughly, even in hard to reach spots. However, this is not possible for homeowners who will be busy to fill up the necessary paper works for insurance. Plus, a DIY project for fire and smoke restoration leaves unclean areas that can be a breeding ground for mold.

Hiring Quality Restoration Services Inc. allows you to enjoy minimal disruption, as our service facilitates a quick return of your place to its pre-disaster state. Nothing assures us more than a relieved client after our clean up services.



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